Hope has a place in a lovers heart

Jag har idag till tonerna av Enyas låt ”Hope has a place of a lovers heart” lagt en vägledning till mig själv. En dag som denna känner jag mig extra känslig och behövde en bekräftelse från korten om mitt liv, mina vägval och mycket annat just nu, som händer dagligen och som skapar storm och kaos runt omkring mig. Såhär blev min egen vägledning till mig själv ur Tarotkortleken ”Psychic Tarot cards”.

Choose wisely


This card comes forth when you have a vision or goal that you wat to achieve, but toomany choises, scattered energies, and unrealistic expectations prevent you from attaining what you desire. Opportunities are bountiful, but teher´s a decision to be made at this time. This card reminds you that the options now around you may appear to have all the influence and power – but in reality, you´re in control and responsible for all the choises you make.


Deception and envy


This card comes at a time when individuals or conditions aren´t what they appear to be. How well du you really know the people around you? Are they telling you everything you need to know? In buisness, make sure you gather all the necessary information so that you´re aware of and understand all of the facts before continuing.You´ve worked hard, don´t let others take from you what is rightly yours. Unfortunately, some people may be envious of you accomplishments.



Passion ignited


It is time to let your soul soar! New beginnings, ideas, revelations, and exciting adventures await you in your personal or buisness life. Creative endevours, enthusiasm, positive energy, and a renewed spiritual strenght are at an all-time high. The powerful force of spirit is flowing through you, and with it comes a new sense of purpose. Be all that you can be, reach inside, and tap into that force. Use it to move forward and set up a strong foundation for the future.



Other people may feel your excitement ad joy and begin to beenfit from the spark of life that´s emanating from you. They´ll wonsder ”What´s your secret” anfd your energy could even ignite their own spiritual journey. Follow your intuition, but know that is your time to spread your wings to fly!


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